Private Security

A surveillance type for each project...

Canine Binomial

Part of an integrated system consisting of a guard...

Video Surveillance

The proper technology and project design strengthen...


Technology required to ensure your safety...

Access Control

The flexible access for staff and vehicles is not an easy task...


Determine the exact position of your vehicles and belongings

Professional service according to your needs

The highest technology

Safety Recommendations

The necessary measures for every company to prevent theft and accidents

Private Security


Video Surveillance


Access Control




Why do companies choose us?

We are incorporated as a company that offers quality, discretion and honesty; firmly committed to clarity approaches, cost transparency, honestly evaluating risks and agility presenting solutions.

The trust of our customers and the strength of our skills allow us to work only on projects that we know we can successfully solve and innovate if necessary, in ideal solutions.
The organizational framework of our company allows us to guarantee our customers attention to the details of the service, image and the evaluation of it, and to make decisions quickly without going through complex and bureaucratic processes.
Our service spirit and our desire to serve the client makes us to show a greater interest in the daily attention of our services than in the award itself.

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About safetimx

  • SAFETIMX was created in an effort to offer our customers true global security solutions, tailored, avoiding the standard services that fit any customer without warranty.

    Let us anticipate eventualities that may violate your security.